Financial Fears? 9 Discovery Questions to Reveal Them and 9 Mantras to Reframe Them for Absolute Abundance

Hey there, beautiful soul! Today, let's dive into something we all experience at some point in our lives: financial fears. Money matters can sometimes feel overwhelming and even evoke a sense of anxiety. But fear not because we will explore a set of discovery questions that will help shed light on those fears. And not just that, we'll also equip ourselves with empowering mantras to reframe them, paving the way for absolute abundance in our lives.

Revealing Financial Questions

Grab a pen, and let's get the answers down on paper so you can really assess their impact before we reframe them for a more joyful and abundant financial future.

Q1: What are my biggest financial fears? It's time to confront your fears head-on. Write them down, acknowledge them, and understand that it's okay to have concerns about money. We're in this together.

Q2: Where do these fears stem from? Dive deeper into the roots of your financial fears. Are they influenced by past experiences, societal pressures, or external expectations? Understanding their origin will empower you to take control.

Q3: How have these fears limited me? Reflect on how these fears have held you back. Have they prevented you from taking risks, pursuing opportunities, or embracing financial growth? Recognizing their impact is the first step towards change.

Q4: What opportunities have I missed due to these fears? Consider the possibilities that may have slipped away due to these fears. Imagine the doors that could have opened and the adventures you could have embarked upon if fear hadn't been a hindrance.

Q5: How can I reframe these fears as opportunities for growth? Shift your perspective and see your fears as catalysts for personal and financial growth. Embrace them as stepping stones towards a more abundant and fulfilling life.

Q6: What steps can I take to overcome these fears? Break down your fears into actionable steps. Start small and celebrate each milestone along the way. Remember, progress is progress, no matter how small.

Q7: What positive beliefs can I cultivate to counter these fears? Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering mantras. Repeat them daily to reinforce positive thoughts about money. For example: "I am deserving of abundance," "Opportunities to grow my wealth are always available to me."

Q8: How can I surround myself with a supportive financial community? Seek out like-minded individuals who are on a similar financial journey. Connect with friends, join support groups, or engage in online communities to share experiences and gain valuable insights.

Q9: How can I celebrate my financial victories, no matter how small? Acknowledge and celebrate your financial wins, whether it's saving a certain amount, paying off a debt, or starting an investment portfolio. Celebrating progress fuels motivation and attracts more abundance.

Reframing Complete

Remember that financial fears are common and expected. It's how we address and reframe them that truly matters. By asking these discovery questions and embracing the reframing questions and your insightful answers, you'll open the doors to a life filled with abundance, freedom, and financial well-being. Now, let's look at some mantras you might want to embrace. We even have printables for you to place around your home and office.

9 Abundance Mantras

"I am a magnet for financial abundance, and money flows to me effortlessly."

"I release any limiting beliefs about money and embrace my inherent worthiness of wealth and prosperity."

"I am grateful for the money I have, and I attract even more abundance into my life."

"I trust in my ability to make wise financial decisions that support my goals and dreams."

"I am open to receiving multiple income streams, and I attract lucrative opportunities into my life."

"Every day, in every way, I am becoming more abundant and prosperous."

"I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life, including wealth, love, and happiness."

"I am open to receiving abundance from unexpected sources and channels."

"I am the creator of my financial reality, and I take inspired action to manifest wealth and abundance."


Remember, these mantras are meant to be personalized and aligned with your beliefs. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most, and repeat them regularly with conviction. With consistent practice, these empowering mantras will help shift your mindset and attract your desired financial abundance.

You have the power within you to create a life of abundance. Embrace these mantras, believe in your potential, and watch as abundance unfolds in every aspect of your life.

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